Sunday, February 17, 2008


screens were used in discotheques, showing psychedelic patterns

record covers

März is a German publishing house which published progressive books during the 60ies and 70ies

The first German Edition of "Lord of the Rings"
sorry for the bad quality but those are magazine covers...most of them are drawings. It's a pity that you can hardly find painted magazine covers nowadays!
beautiful Afri-Cola ad by Charles Wilp
This poster was banned because it was said to be too pornographic!
It says: "Underground? Pop? No! Counterculture!"
This painting was used as stage setting for a New Wave Band (I can't remember the name)
all pics taken by me

Yesterday, I visited an exhibition called "Pop am Rhein" in Cologne. It showed the beginnings of popular culture in Germany during the 60ies and its development in the last 30 years or so. Many popcultural trends had their origins in Cologne and Düsseldorf.
The variety of the displayed items was huge: books, magazine, videos, record covers, posters, advertising, paintings and flyers were shown.

Gestern habe ich die Ausstellung "Pop am Rhein" in Köln besucht, welche sich mit dem Beginn der deutschen Popkultur während der 60er Jahre und ihrer Entwicklung in den letzten 30 Jahren befasst.
Zahlreiche popkulturelle Trends und Einflüsse haben ihren Ursprung in Köln und Düsseldorf.
Die Vielfalt der ausgestellten Stücke war beeindruckend: Neben Büchern, Magazinen, Videos und Plattencovern wurden auch Poster, Werbekampagnen, Bilder und Flyer gezeigt.

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