Saturday, February 2, 2008



The British Photographer Tim Walker is famous for creating pics which stand out due to their dreamy atmosphere.Some of his pics contain surrealistic elements which make them even more magical.
Walker, who was Richard Avedon's assistant, had an exhibition in Hannover last year.

Die Bilder des britischen FotografenTim Walker zeichnen sich durch eine traumähnliche Atmospäre aus. Einige seiner Fotos beinhalten surrealistische Elemente wodurch ihre magische Stimmung noch verstärkt wird.
Letztes Jahr hatte Walker, der früher als Assistent bei Richard Avedon arbeitete, eine Ausstellung in Hannover.

Further reading:
"Tim Walker. I Love Pictures!", Publisher: Hantje Cantz


Old Steph said...

Oh, I love the pic withe thes dresses hanging on the tree - very romatic and special :-)

atelier said...

I love his work. I had the editorial he did last year for Vogue UK about the Surrealism exhibition in the V&A, and I just loved the pics.