Saturday, February 9, 2008



To see the video, please click here:
I think its beautiful and strange at the same time!

But I like the idea of showing clothes and accessories in an animated film...the scene where the bugs turn into shoes is my favorite!

Klickt hier, um das Video zu sehen:
Ich finde ihn schön und befremdlich zugleich! Die Idee, Kleidung und Accessoires in Form eines animierten Films zu zeigen gefällt mir. Besonders die Szene, in der sich dir Käfer in Schuhe verwandeln, finde ich großartig!


Still old Steph said...

Oh, I love it! Since the girls eyes (it could be Eve in paradies) coul lokk a bit more friendly :-) My favourite is, when the fish turns to a bag. And the music sounds so nice and sort of psycodelic :-) thx for the link, Sonja!

Sonja said...

Ha! I thought the same: her eyes are a bit scary and she bears a certain resemblance to Eve. I'm glad yout like it!

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

hah its cute

Becky said...

This goat-like creature is kind of scary... And it's definitely meant to be in paradise as she takes the apple. But I don't get the goat-connection. That's art I guess. I like the fish-scene, too, the colours in general and the little bird coming out of her bag is really cute!