Friday, April 25, 2008


photographer: Lucio Gelsi photographer: Ruven Afanador photographer: Sabine Liewald photographer: Joshua Jordan
source: all pics from German Elle (April Issue)

Maaany pics this time but I must show them all to you because I like them a lot and hope you might, too. Those artsy ones with splashes of colour everywhere are very beautiful ( the model's hairstyle!!!) and remind me of Pollock's work. Action painting!!
The dress in the last pic (on the right) looks so great! Enjoy!


atelier said...

I like the editorial which has paint on the walls, it looks so appropriate for this season. thanks for passing ;)

giuseppe said...

what season is the one with all the paint-splattered photos? i didn't realise there were so many printed clothes like that on the runway. i know marni still does them :)