Tuesday, April 1, 2008


source: http://www.djtfineart.com

Although I wasn't allowed to take pics in the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, I made some notes while strolling through the museum (as usual).
One of the artists who caught my eye was Robert Longo. I love the style of the women shown in his drawings! Clean, simple, elegant without being boring (ok, the womens' poses are important, too).

Obwohl ich, wie bereits erwähnt, keine Fotos im Ludwig Museum in Budapest machen durfte, wurden, wie üblich, eifrig Notizen während des Museumsrundgangs gemacht.
Einer der Namen, die ich in mein Moleskine gekritzelt habe ist Robert Longo. Dieser amerikanische Künstler zeigt Frauen mit einem wunderbaren Stil: Clean, simpel und elegant ohne langweilig zu wirken (ok, die Posen der Frauen spielen dabei natürlich auch eine Rolle).


atelier said...

the second dress is so cool!

riz said...

These are killer images!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is great. Not to mention the awesome title!!

Sonja said...

atelier: Great you like it, too! I need such a dress! So chic and versatile!

riz: Thanks a lot for your nice comment! I really like your blog, too! Can't wait to read more about your seminar with Hebdige and McRobbie!

Anonymous said...
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