Saturday, January 12, 2008


cute idea to show some children's fashion

a beautiful way to shoot jewlery

That's Barbara Meier, the winner of Germany's next topmodel
source: all pics taken by me

A few days ago, I bought the first issue of a new magazine called "Material Girl". The photo series are very beautiful but unfortunately, the pictures above don't give them justice. They are much better in real life and I was realy impressed by those. At first, I liked the ironic tone with which the texts are written but EVERY author of "Material Girl" uses this style of writing and it gets boring after a few pages.
Conclusion: If you are looking for some eye candy go for it!

Vor wenigen Tagen kaufte ich mir die erste Ausgabe eines neuen Magazins mit dem Namen "Material Girl". Die Fotostrecken sind sehr schön anzusehen aber leider kommen sie in den Bildern, die ihr oben seht nicht so gut zur Geltung. Ich bin wirklich beeindruckt von diesen Fotos und den Ideen dahinter! Der ironische Unterton der Texte gefiel mir zu Beginn, wurde aber leider mit der Zeit langweilig und wirkte gewollt, da wirklich JEDER Autor in "Material Girl" in diesem ironischen Stil schreibt.
Fazit: Wer was fürs Auge sucht, ist hier richtig!

You'll find more information here soon:


Old Steph said...

Oh, diese Zeitschrift kenne ich noch gar nicht, aber ich finde sie bestimmt am Bahnhof, in dem riesigen Laden. Da riskiere ich doch mal einen Blick :-)

The Seeker said...

well, the pictures are great...

atelier said...

it sounds interesting, I hadn't seen it here in Spain yet

ChiliLady said...

thanks for sharing...can you post an example of the you called it "ironic" passages? would be great!

old steph said...

I looked at this today at the station and in reality its shining an even sort of glittering. I love the pictures of Barbara, shes so beautiful with her long, red hair.

Sonja said...

@ old steph: ich hab sie auch aus dem Bahnhofsladen:) hast du sie dir gekauft? ich könnte dir sonst auch meine geben! das glänzende Cover ist toll-kitschig, oder?

@ the seeker: good to here that! But they are even better in the magazine!

@ atelier: I think its only available in Austria, Germany and Sitzerland:(

@ chililady: of course, I can post examples of those text passages, but they are written in German and I suspect that they will lost their ironic/ sarcastic tone if I try to translate them. But, nevertheless I'll try to do so!