Sunday, January 27, 2008


Duchamp's "Fountain"

The idea of declaring everyday commodities as works of art came up in the early years of the 20th century. The artistic movement behind this idea is well-known as "Dada" and shaped our appreciation of art today. From 21st Feb till 26th May, the Tate Modern dedicates an exhibition to three very important Dada-artists: Duchamp, Man Ray and Picabia.

Die Idee, Alltagsgegenstände als Kunstobjekte zu betrachten kam in den frühen Jahren des 20. Jahrhunderts auf. Hinter diese Idee stand eine Kunstströmung, die unter der Bezeichnung "Dada" bekannt geworden ist und das heutige Kunstverständnis entscheidend geprägt hat. Vom 21. Februar - 26. Mai widmet die Tate Modern den drei bekannten Dadaisten Duchamp, Man Ray und Picabia ein Ausstellung.

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atelier said...

First of all! I like a lot the new look of your blog! It's lovely! And second, I hope to manage to go there! I love the Dada movement, I consider it such a rebellion and innovative! I was recently in a Man Ray pics exhibition and I am still impressed! How much beauty in only one picture!

Sonja said...

Thanks dear!
I hope to go there, too!
A few month ago I visited a photo-exhibition in Cologne and saw many great Man Ray pics, too! I love his work!

tini said...

.... Duchamp is the man!

Anonymous said...

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